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27 January 2009 @ 10:07 pm

first day of weight training and I'm already sore. gotta love being weak.
Hung out with troy today, saw Liz Inam and Jenna Smiths tits. That was awkward.
I have so much shit to do liiike make a four hour playlist for banquet and clean my room and try not to die.
I've come to realize that I've not made more than a handful of new friends in high school, it's a bit sad.
Senior Banquet is next week, I hope I win either most changed or most likely to be a rockstar. Not most wanted. ick.
My french homework has gone undone again. Oh well, I have an hour and a half lunch to do it tomorrow. Easy.
uhmm, yay for Stanze, she'll read this and comment cause she loves me <3

things i wantCollapse )ps; why do  I have to like you so much still?
26 January 2009 @ 08:34 pm
that night i slept
on your side of the bed so
it was ready when you got home
we're like noughts and crosses in that
opposites always attract

  I've come to realize that not everything in life is going to work out the way you want it. There are a lot of ups and downs, and just because things are at the extreme for me on both ends, doesn't mean I should mope all the time. Petty fights happen and I know that I have a lot of growing up to do. I apologize to you (you know you who are) and i can only hope that one day, things will be okay between us again. So even though shool sucks, and fighting with friends sucks, I'm seeing Mat Musto next month, seeing The Cab in April, and going to Chicago in May. I can't really complain. And I think that everything is going to be alright. <3
if it hurts this much,
then it much be love,
and its a lottery,
i can't wait to draw your name.
oh i'm trying to get to you,
but time isn't on my side,
the truths the worst i could do,
and i guess that i have lied.
01 August 2006 @ 06:19 pm


*end bad rhyming*

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06 July 2006 @ 10:57 pm

It's the bitter sweet taste of getting what you give.
Every word in every line was sugar coated to attract the victim.
Sitting here I see that now and I can't help but smile softly.
The lies dribbled down your chin as you got what you came for.
Making my heart skip a beat just to rip it out all together.
I can't say I was much better myself, I just knew how to not make it obvious.
I may be young, but i'm not stupid when it comes to things like this.
Part of me still wants to be friends, because really, I have nothing to be upset over.
So i'll pack my bags and say goodbye for the night, leaving you to your new 'best fuck'.
Because back at home, I have what I want.


See, I can be good with words sometimes. But, none of you would know exactly why I wrote it. Well, maybe one of you. Hmm, no pictures yet, but I'll have some soon, so I'll post again when I do. And maybe by then I'll have something else to post that is better than the above. Fosho.

06 July 2006 @ 02:35 am
Dear 3  4 friends of mine.
I've decided to update *gasp*
Let's see. Tomorrow I am getting my hair done, so I'll take pictures and all that jazz. Yesterday was AMAZING! I got to meet Tyson Ritter and Chris Gaylor of The All-Amercian Rejects and said hi to Nick Wheeler a few times. They are all pretty nice, well, Mike didn't even wave once. But still, getting autographs from 2/4 people was cool. And standing around there bus for 2+ hours and watching them walk around was fun. Haha. If my camera wasn't dead, I'd take a picture of my shirt =[

Oooo today was fun too.
I went out on Saras boat with her mom, dad and sister. The water was FREEZING, but I got use to it. After swiming around a little, me and Sara squashed together in her raft thingy and went tubing, oh boy did it hurt, but it was cool. Then, we rode around and it was BUMPY in the cabin thingy.

I miss my Denver Max, I think I shall give her a call. Denver Max+Chippomac=BF4L yo!
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